Welcome to my home page. Here you find latest information about my work and whereabouts.


Research Interests

Internet of Things and Services

  • Network Architecture and Protocols
  • M2M and Machine Type Communication (3G/LTE, WiFi, ZigBee, etc.)
  • Cloud Computing and Big Data Processing
  • Self-organization and -optimization, extensibility, openness
  • Security and Privacy

Mobile Networks

  • LTE and Evolved Packet Core (EPC)
  • (Distributed) Mobility Management (IP-based)
  • Small Cell Networks (incl. Femtocells)
  • Traffic offloading (through Wi-Fi or Small Cells Networks)
  • User Plane Congestion Management
  • Application-aware traffic engineering/optimization
  • RAN Sharing enhancements
  • LTE SON (self-organizing & -optimizing networks)
  • Mobile Backhaul (Transport SON, dynamic resource management)
  • Content distribution and delivery enhancements

Cloud Networking

  • Network Function Virtualization (virtualized EPC and Cloud RAN)
  • Dynamic resource scaling (resource elasticity)
  • Function/VM migration (improved resilience)
  • End-to-end cloud resource control and optimization
  • Smart network function placement

Software Defined Networking

  • OpenFlow in Carrier Networks
  • Centralized network control and network abstraction
  • Northbound interface (new network control paradigm)
  • Programmable Networks (Ph.D. Thesis)

Other Research Interests

  • Machine Type Communication via LTE (e.g. for smart meters)
  • Car-to-Car and Car-to-X Communication via LTE (e.g. for warning messages)
  • Intelligent Transport Systems (e.g. assisted driving)
  • Smart Transport (e.g. real-time traffic optimization)
  • Smart Energy (e.g. peak-time energy control)

Contact Details

These are my current contact details:


Office: +49-711-81149826
Mobile: +49-152-58813426


Work: stefan.schmid@bosch.com
Private: sjschmid@web.de

Home Address

Hausgärten, 71332 Waiblingen, Germany [link]

Work Address

Robert-Bosch-Campus 1, 71272 Renningen, Germany [link]