Welcome to my personal home page. Here you find the latest information about my work and whereabouts.

One of my recent research blogs on my work at Bosch can be found here.

Research Interests

Current Research Focus

  • Knowledge Representation and Reasoning (using Semantic Web Technologies like RDF, RDFS, SKOS, OWL, SWRL, etc.)
  • Neuro-symbolic AI (combining symbolic and subsymbolic AI)
  • Reasoning and Learning on Knowledge Graphs
  • Knowledge-driven Machine Learning
  • Dynamic and Autonomous Digital Twins

Past Research Areas

Internet of Things and Services

  • Network Architecture and Protocols
  • M2M and Machine Type Communication (3G/LTE, WiFi, ZigBee, etc.)
  • Cloud Computing and Big Data Processing
  • Self-organization and -optimization, extensibility, openness
  • Security and Privacy

Mobile Networks

  • 4G/5G Mobile Networks
  • (Distributed) Mobility Management (IP-based)
  • Small Cell Networks (incl. Femtocells)
  • User Plane Congestion Management
  • Application-aware traffic engineering/optimization
  • LTE SON (self-organizing & -optimizing networks)
  • Mobile Backhaul (Transport SON, dynamic resource management)
  • Content distribution and delivery enhancements

Cloud Networking

  • Network Function Virtualization (virtualized EPC and Cloud RAN)
  • Dynamic resource scaling (resource elasticity)
  • Function/VM migration (improved resilience)
  • End-to-end cloud resource control and optimization
  • Smart network function placement

Software Defined Networking

  • OpenFlow in Carrier Networks
  • Centralized network control and network abstraction
  • Northbound interface (new network control paradigm)
  • Programmable Networks (Ph.D. Thesis)

Contact Details

These are my current contact details:


Office: +49-711-81149826
Mobile: +49-152-58813426


Work: stefan.schmid@bosch.com
Private: sjschmid@web.de

Home Address

Hausgärten, 71332 Waiblingen, Germany [link]

Work Address

Robert-Bosch-Campus 1, 71272 Renningen, Germany [link]